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TOGAF® EA Foundation
TOGAF® EA Foundation

TOGAF® EA Foundation

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The TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Foundation certification confirms that an individual possesses the fundamental knowledge and comprehension of Enterprise Architecture using the TOGAF methodology, enabling them to participate in an architecture project or work with its outcomes.



This course is provided by iLEARN / iCONS and will help you pass the TOGAF® EA Foundation exam and get certified. 






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Акредитираното обучение TOGAF® EA Foundation се предоставя от iCONS – Innovative Consulting Srl, акредитирана обучаваща организация (Accredited Training Organisation) на The Open Group / Pearson Vue.



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What is TOGAF® Standard?




TOGAF is a widely used standard for enterprise architecture (EA) development. It provides a comprehensive approach to designing, planning, implementing, and managing an enterprise architecture.



The TOGAF standard is used by commercial enterprises of any size, as well as government agencies, public non-government organizations and defense agencies.



With greatly expanded guidance and guidance, it enables organizations to operate efficiently and effectively across a variety of use cases, including agile enterprises and digital transformation.



The TOGAF certification portfolio encloses the TOGAF 9 certifications, TOGAF Enterprise Architecture certification, TOGAF Business Architecture certification, and TOGAF certification credentials.



The portfolio includes Bodies of Knowledge based on both the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2 and the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition.








What are the key benefits of TOGAF® Standard?



  • The TOGAF Standard offers a comprehensive and interconnected view of an organization's landscape, facilitating strategic decision-making and the implementation of best practices in business and technology trends.
  • This standard provides a flexible, scalable framework that can be adapted to various use cases and architecture styles, allowing organizations to pursue transformation initiatives that are best suited to their needs.
  • The TOGAF Standard also includes a reference model for architecture views, deliverables, and an Enterprise Architecture repository, as well as the TOGAF ADM and governance framework, which supports the practice in an automated manner.
  • As the most widely adopted EA standard, the TOGAF Standard is suitable for enterprises of all sizes and industries and provides EA teams with proven standards and best practices to effectively structure and align their EA efforts.




What is the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Foundation useful for?



TOGAF is a fundamental requirement for anyone seeking to enter the field of Enterprise Architecture, given its status as the most widely used standard. Obtaining a TOGAF certification at the Foundation level provides several significant benefits, which include the opportunity to:


  • Develop a common language for better communication and collaboration within the Enterprise Architecture domain
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Enterprise Architecture can effectively serve organizational needs
  • Boost your career prospects, as demand for professionals skilled in Enterprise Architecture continues to grow rapidly









TOGAF® EA Foundation training course



TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Foundation is valuable for various individuals, including those who require a fundamental comprehension of a well-established Enterprise Architecture methodology, professionals who intend to join or work for an organization that utilizes the TOGAF Standard



Furthermore, it is suitable for those who wish to start learning the TOGAF approach, individuals who aim to attain the TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Practitioner certification gradually, and those who aspire to pursue other certifications and credentials from The Open Group that mandate this certification as a prerequisite.








The objectives for learning at this level emphasize acquiring knowledge and understanding. Individuals who obtain certification will possess the following capabilities:


  • A shared language with TOGAF practitioners
  • A foundational comprehension of the TOGAF methodology for Enterprise Architecture, including Agile delivery and its implementation in a Digital Enterprise
  • The required qualification for pursuing the TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Practitioner certification





Who is aimed at:



This certification is designed for the following groups of individuals:



  • Those who require a fundamental understanding of a well-established Enterprise Architecture methodology
  • Professionals who are employed by or seeking to work for an organization that applies the TOGAF Standard
  • Individuals who wish to initiate their learning of the TOGAF methodology
  • Those who aspire to attain the TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Practitioner certification progressively, or other certifications and credentials offered by The Open Group that mandate this certification as a prerequisite







  • The principles of Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF Standard
  • The essential terminology of the TOGAF Standard
  • The Architecture Development Method (ADM) cycle and its phases' goals, including adapting and scoping the ADM for specific purposes
  • The various techniques available to facilitate the application of the ADM
  • Using the ADM, including methods such as iteration, partitioning, and its implementation in a Digital Enterprise
  • How Architecture Governance contributes to architecture development
  • Architecture content, which encompasses the deliverables created while implementing the ADM








TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Foundation Online Exam Format



  • Examination name: TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Part 1
  • 40 multiple choice questions
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Closed book
  • Pass mark: 24/40 – 60%







Certification is open to all applicants - no prior certification is required. Previous knowledge of enterprise architecture is an advantage, but not strictly required.




PDU - TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Foundation



This TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Foundation training course can provide 16 Professional Development Units (PDUs). Here below you can find more details about the PDUs allocation:


Technical: 0
Leadership: 0
Strategic: 16






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