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ScrumLearn® Scrum Master Certified
ScrumLearn® Scrum Master Certified

ScrumLearn® Scrum Master Certified

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The Scrum Master Certified course provides candidates with the necessary knowledge for Scrum implementation in business-as-usual and agile projects or activities. Moreover, the course prepares the participants for the Scrum Master Certified exam (also known as Certified Scrum Master - CSM) to obtain the corresponding Scrum Master certification.


This course is provided by iLEARN / iCONS and will help you pass the ScrumLearn® Scrum Master Certified exam and get certified.





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What is ScrumLearn?


ScrumLearn® is a qualification scheme born from the iLEARN experience in Scrum training and certification area, and from the practical experience in consultancy activities and coaching of initiatives managed with Scrum. The goal of the certification program is to ensure that the key roles of the Scrum team have useful and necessary skills to fulfill their responsibilities: Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Developer.




What are the benefits of using Scrum?



The three main benefits of using Scrum are:



Customer Satisfaction. First and foremost is getting passionate clients. In Scrum, sprints are really short, so results are delivered and ready for testing in 1-3 weeks. The main focus of Scrum is to deliver new features or fixes frequently and to collect customer feedback as quickly as possible. As a result, Scrum speeds up the troubleshooting process and the development of new features and keeps customers happy.


Lower production costs. Using Scrum in development reduces production costs. Product cost is largely determined by the time and effort required for the new release. However, companies are rarely able to estimate the true total cost of production. In Scrum, story points can be used to estimate the complexity of any task. Complexity is closely related to production cost. Story pointing for each task enables to better estimate the cost of developing new features and also allows project managers to prioritize tasks based on their complexity.


Enhanced collaboration & communication. The third major area of ​​Scrum's strengths is its intense focus on collaboration and day-to-day communication. Scrum provides task visibility for each team member to track progress and enable better resource allocation. A strong focus on collaboration results in a happier and more productive team. The two main advantages of Agile Scrum are a faster response to market demands and cost savings due to improved performance.




What is Scrum Master?



The Scrum Master is one of the defined roles in a Scrum team. In turn, we remember that the Scrum team is a small group of resources that uses the Scrum framework typically to develop a product (often but not necessarily a software product).


The role of Scrum Master is assigned to a member of the team who operates as a coach and facilitator for all the other members of one or more Scrum teams involved in the realization of products or other specific outputs required by projects or Business as Usual.


Accordingly, the role of the Scrum Master is not building the product or deliverable, but it helps the team to successfully achieve its goals and effectively apply the Scrum framework. The Scrum Master is an expert on the subject with theoretical and practical knowledge of Scrum implementation acting as a facilitator and coach.



What are the benefits of becoming a Scrum Master?



Glassdoor report, as of January 2022, declares that a Scrum Master earns little less than 100.000 USD a year in the United States. It is possible to find more than one hundred thousand job postings for this role on LinkedIn.



This is because Scrum has proven to be very effective in many organizations and accordingly has become very popular. As a consequence, being able to act properly in a Scrum team is an appreciated capability. So, even if you are not looking for a new company or job, Scrum knowledge can still be of interest to you.







ScrumLearn® Scrum Master Certified Course



The Scrum Master Certified course provides candidates with the necessary knowledge for Scrum implementation in business-as-usual and agile projects or activities. Moreover, the course prepares the participants for the Scrum Master Certified exam (also known as Certified Scrum Master - CSM) to obtain the corresponding Scrum Master certification.






The course aims to provide candidates with the necessary knowledge to operate as Scrum Masters in business-as-usual projects or activities conducted with the Scrum methodology. The acquisition of this knowledge is a necessary condition but not enough to operate effectively as a Scrum Master. Gaining experiences of participation in Scrum and Agile initiatives in different roles, the knowledge of facilitation and coaching techniques (that are not explained specifically in the course), and the knowledge of the context in which the Scrum initiatives are accomplished represent elements equally essential for playing the Scrum master role with effectiveness and success.




Who is aimed at:



This Scrum Master course is aimed at anyone who wants to become and operate in a Scrum Master role in an Agile project or Business as Usual project where the Scrum methodology is used.






Introduction to the Agile Concept


  • What is Agile
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • The 12 Agile principles
  • Agile team Practice
  • The Kanban
  • The Build-Measure-Learn loop


Introduction to Scrum


  • What is Scrum
  • Why using Scrum
  • Scrum Genesis
  • Relationship between Scrum and Agile
  • The Scrum theory
  • The Scrum pillars
  • The Scrum values
  • The Scrum teams
  • The Scrum artifacts
  • The Scrum events
  • The Scrum application
  • Scrum advantages and benefits


Roles in Scrum


  • The Scrum team
  • The Product Owner
  • The Development team
  • The Scrum Master


The artifact


  • Introduction to Artifact
  • The Product Backlog
  • The Sprint Backlog
  • The Increment


The Events


  • Introduction to Scrum Events
  • The Sprint
  • The Sprint planning
  • The Daily Scrum
  • The Sprint Review
  • The Sprint Retrospective


Instruments and complementary Scrum techniques


  • The User Story and the Story Mapping planning
  • The Scrumboard
  • The progress monitoring
  • The team Velocity
  • The Story Point and the Agile estimation


Scrum adoption, use and scalability


  • The Scrum adoption
  • The use of Scrum in practice
  • How to scale Scrum





ScrumLearn® Scrum Master Certified Exam Format


  • Duration of 1 hour
  • 60 multiple choice questions
  • Passing score: 39/60 marks - 65%
  • 1 mark for each correct answer
  • Closed book






No formal prerequisite is required to access the ScrumLearn Scrum Master Certified (SMC) course. The experience in Scrum initiatives in different roles is the element that can maximize the course's effectiveness. To be able to take the exam, it is required to have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the examination institute. The acceptance of such terms and conditions will have to be confirmed when taking the Scrum exam.







This ScrumLearn® Scrum Master Certified training course can provide 16 Professional Development Units (PDUs). Here below you can find more details about the PDUs allocation:


  • Technical: 14
  • Leadership: 2
  • Strategic: 0




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