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MSP 5th edition Practitioner
MSP 5th edition Practitioner

MSP 5th edition Practitioner

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MSP 5th edition emphasizes more on flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness by adopting an incremental approach to the programme lifecycle and thus enabling organizational agility.



MSP 5th edition Practitioner is for project, programme, and business change managers that want to build on their knowledge of MSP, in order to practically apply the MSP framework to real life scenarios, providing the skills to lead and manage a programme. It is a must-have certification for both project and programme management professionals to deliver organizational value to their employers and boost their careers.



This course is provided by iLEARN / iCONS and will help you pass the MSP® 5th edition Practitioner exam and get certified. 




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Акредитираното обучение MSP 5th edition Practitioner се предоставя от iCONS – Innovative Consulting Srl, акредитирана обучаваща организация (Accredited Training Organisation) на PeopleCert.



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  • Акредитиран онлайн курс
  • Изпитен ваучер с валидност 12 месеца
  • Официални учебни материали на сертифициращата организация PeopleCert






MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes) is a methodology for the management of programmes in the sense of the organised coordination of the creation of a portfolio of projects and activities that together allow a company to obtain results and benefits that are of strategic importance.


Programme management, in this sense, does not coincide or overlap with project management. Rather, it is a complementary discipline with specific indications for use. In other words, in those contexts in which the results and benefits to be obtained are of a strategic nature but in which the means and output with which to achieve them are not yet clear.


MSP fits in with the best practice of Axelos for the management of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management and therefore integrates well with MoP®, P3O® and PRINCE2®.






The MSP Practitioner certification is intended to assess whether the candidate can demonstrate sufficient ability to apply and tailor the MSP programme management framework to be awarded the MSP Practitioner qualification. A successful Practitioner candidate should, with suitable direction, be able to start applying the framework to a real programme but may not be sufficiently skilled to do this appropriately for all situations.









The MSP Practitioner certification is aimed at project managers, business change managers (BCMs), and people working within a Programme Office (PO) or in a specialist or governance position. This MSP course demonstrates your ability to understand and apply the MSP principles, governance themes, and transformational flow processes when managing a programme.







  • Understand how to apply the MSP principles in context
  • Understand how to apply and tailor relevant aspects of the MSP themes in context




Who is aimed at:



MSP Practitioner is designed for project, programme and business change managers who want to apply the MSP framework to real-life scenarios. Practitioner is a must-have certification for both project and programme management professionals who need to deliver organizational value for their employers and to boost their careers.







  • Introduction to Programme Management (with reading of an example scenario)
  • MSP principles (with mock exam questions)
  • Introduction to MSP themes
  • Organization theme – Organization (with mock exam questions)
  • Design theme – Design (with mock exam questions)
  • Justification theme (with mock exam questions)
  • Structure theme (with mock exam questions)
  • Knowledge theme – Knowledge (with mock exam questions)
  • Assurance theme (with mock exam questions)
  • Decisions theme (with mock exam questions)
  • Introduction to MSP processes
  • Identify the Programme – process (with mock exam questions)
  • Design the outcomes – process (with mock exam questions)
  • Deliver the capabilities – process (with mock exam questions)
  • Embed the outcomes – process (with mock exam questions)
  • Evaluate new information – process (with mock exam questions)
  • Close the programme – process (with mock exam questions)
  • Second mock exam





MSP® Practitioner exam format


  • 70 questions (one point for each correct answer)
  • 70 points available in total
  • 42 points required to pass the exam
  • Duration of two and a half hours (25% extra time for candidates taking the exam in a language other than their native language)
  • Open book exam
  • Candidates may use the official Managing Successful Programs 5th Edition manual






In order to access MSP Practitioner course and exam students must hold an MSP® 5th edition Foundation certificate.





This MSP 5th edition Foundation training course can provide 16 Professional Development Units (PDUs). Here below you can find more details about the PDUs allocation:


Technical: 10
Leadership: 2
Strategic: 4





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