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AgileLearn® Agile Master Certified
AgileLearn® Agile Master Certified

AgileLearn® Agile Master Certified

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Agilelearn® Agile Master Certified is a cross-practice qualification aimed at providing the knowledge needed to optimally leverage all the elements of the Agile "umbrella" and finally to improve project success or business-as-usual performances. In particular, it helps to classify and find the right mix of agile practices to manage the products, handle software development, organize and manage the flow of work, or use hybrid approaches.





This course is provided by iLEARN / iCONS and will help you pass the Agilelearn® Agile Master Certified exam and get certified.





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Why Agile Management?



In an environment of intense competition and increasing change, adapting, improving, and/or enhancing and transforming the way of working is crucial, for individuals and organizations, to compete and survive. Agile management in contrast with a "traditional" way of managing projects has emerged as very successful to this aim, across all industries and at all levels, the whole organization, departments and teams.




What is AgileLearn®?



In this "jungle", it emerges that there is the need for knowledge and competencies to get oriented and master the path to achieving the benefits promised by the "Agile" culture and tools.


For this reason, iLEARN has developed the AgileLearn® qualification scheme as depicted below. The scheme provides the certification levels and the related knowledge needed to master Agile concepts, frameworks, methods and practices, both when addressing transformation (e.g. using projects) or business as usual, at small or large-scale adoption levels.





The core of the AgileLearn® qualification scheme is the following two levels:


  • AgileLearn® Agile Master Certified certification
  • AgileLearn® Scaled Agile Master Certified certification



The AgileLearn® Agile Master Certified certification is useful to a wide audience. On one side those who do not know much yet about agility and desire to understand what is in clearly and how to approach it (where to start from). On the other side, practitioners of specific agile practices (e.g. Scrum Masters) who need to leverage/integrate other agile approaches or simply need to understand the full scope of agility and how to extend it. Agile coaches/facilitators, experts, project managers, team leaders, process owners, service managers, and business managers are only some examples of roles that could benefit from this qualification.









The AgileLearn Agile Master Certified course is aimed at anyone interested in charge of improving the organization's performance using Agile methodologies. The course is also particularly beneficial for practitioners of specific Agile practices (e.g. Scrum) who need to understand how to integrate or leverage other Agile practices.



The main objective of this course is to give you the means to define, according to your situation, your objectives, and the resources at your disposal, the most appropriate approach to adopt an Agile way of thinking and acting and possibly to make a transition to an Agile organizational mode.







Individuals participating in this course will achieve the following benefits:


  • Understand and explain the history and foundations of agility
  • Become competent in the Agile Product Governance, the art of product management
  • Master the Development flow and the technical excellency
  • Know and explain what are agile culture and mindset
  • Have a practical understanding of how agile framework can be combined or even created for specific purposes



Who is aimed at:



The AgileLearn Agile Master Certified qualification is fit for purpose for whoever is interested in having a comprehensive understanding of Agile and is beneficial to professionals acting in any of the following ICT roles:


  • Service Manager
  • System Engineer
  • Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Tester






  • Agile introduction (history and foundations)
  • Product Governance
    • Governance Process
    • Build the product vision
    • Identify the requirements
    • Estimates and prioritization
  • Development Flow
    • Agile development flow
    • Kanban
    • Extreme programming
    • Lean startup
    • DevOps
    • Software Craftmanship
  • Culture and mindset
    • The challenge of agile adoption
    • Agile culture
    • Agile mindset
  • Extensions and hybrids
    • Reasons to extend or hybridize
    • Agile project management
    • Agile organization
  • Exam Preparation





AgileLearn® Agile Master Certified Exam Format


  • Duration of 1 hour
  • 60 multiple choice questions
  • Passing score: 39/60 marks - 65%
  • 1 mark for each correct answer
  • Closed book
  • Two exam attempts included (to be taken within one year from purchase)






There are no specific prerequisites to access the AgileLearn Agile Master Certified course and exam.






This AgileLearn® Agile Master Certified training course can provide 16 Professional Development Units (PDUs). Here below you can find more details about the PDUs allocation:


  • Technical: 14
  • Leadership: 2
  • Strategic: 0




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